Things To Do, See, Eat & Drink 

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This page is dedicated to our love of beach bars. Thankfully, the area is blessed with an abundance of 'em!

Two of them are even within walking distance. Guayabo Tropical Sunset is an easy 20 minute beach walk (3 min drive) to the east, whereas famous Tamboo is a 40 minute beach walk (10 min drive) to the west.

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While all the beach bars offer food - some of it quite tasty - we consider most of them drink first, food second kind of places. Here we outline our food forward favorites. And while most are not beachfront (La Copa Llena is the exquisitely delicious, beachfront exception), they each offer a dining experience that justifies venturing off the playa every now and again!

Rincón's favorite past time! In addition to great waves right out Hola Paradise's back door, you can find surf (except in summer, when the ocean tends to go flat) all up and down the coast.

The surf map here highlights the more well-known spots, each of which is within a ten minute drive.

Rincón and the area isn't all about surf! From epic snorkeling and deep-sea fishing, to mountain drives and waterfall hikes, there is plenty to keep both surfers and non-surfers stoked for weeks!